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There is a list of a million and one things I wish I knew when I first jumped into business back in 2008. I have another list of a million mistakes I made. There will never be a time that I regret those mistakes because they helped mold me as an artist, they helped mold my business, they helped me build a tough exterior and they helped me discover my potential. Looking back, however, I wish I had connected with someone who not only could give me guidance and clarity in times of trouble, but also be honest and real about things they went through and dealt with. Because how easy is it as aspiring and professional photographers to feel like we are getting it all wrong?

I have a sincere passion in helping others develop their brand and business. With a father who was an entrepreneur and very successful, to starting my own business seven years ago as well as watching and supporting my husband build his, it is literally coursing through my veins. There is nothing more thrilling then leaping into a dream and there is nothing more rewarding than creating a reality from it.

Every time I have invested in furthering my education, business and craft as a photographer I have seen exponential growth and development in my brand. And the inspiration that comes from those experiences are a driving force. Having experienced that and knowing the value of it, I am thrilled to take the opportunity to share what I have learned and what I have been through with those that are wanting to develop a road map for the start of their journey. Or perhaps for those that have found themselves tired and need to be inspired.

Please take a moment and browse below at the opportunities available for mentoring, education as well as tools I have created for aspiring and professional photographers. I truly hope to hear from you soon and have the opportunity to work alongside you and your dreams. Because the reality of it is a sweet experience.








Your online presence as an artist and business is so extremely important. It is your first impression for every potential client that visits you on the web.

This session is the opportunity for us to dive into your portfolio and what images to display. We will discuss any editing or technical things that need to be addressed as well as what to do to fix them.

We will also jump into your brand, website and online presence. What might need to change, what needs to be added and how to make it all cohesive.

1 hour: $175


This is an opportunity to jump into all things post production – a huge part of what we do as artists. We will discuss proper asset and file management as well as organization.

This will also be a time for us to talk about your editing style or the style you want to get to achieve and how to make it happen in Photoshop. You will see me live edit 5 to 10 of your images and you will learn the steps to achieve the same finish.

The goal is for you to walk away with confidence and knowledge in Photoshop in order to take your images to the next level.

2 hours: $350


There are so many things that we are expected to know when starting a business. From marketing and pricing to client management and creating an amazing experience. And then to admin, accounting and business organization as a whole.

This is a time for us to sit down together and work through a lot of what you are facing, how to handle it, how to achieve success and how to move forward in the best way possible.

Anything and everything about your brand and running your studio!

2 hours: $275  |  3 hours: $400  |  4 hours: $525


In-person and full day mentoring coming Winter 2015. Contact the studio for information on a group discount.

Mentoring sessions are booked with a full payment and non-refundable. Last minute re-scheduling needs or emergencies are handled on a case by case basis.

To book a mentoring session, please click the “Connect with Kara” button above.

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Do you remember that moment? That moment when you realized that as a professional photographer you are supposed to be a professional designer as well? #TheStruggleIsReal.

Years ago I fell in love with design and taught myself everything from logos to websites. Since then I have worked for two design firms as well as developed and designed dozens of brands and websites for creative professionals. Along the way I realized the need for well designed business tools as well as product designs to help you develop client offerings and amazing business organization. And then “The Shop” was born.

Every product in the shop is developed as an instant digital download because I know those late nights and brainstorms all too well. These products are available immediately and each one has thought and energy put into every inch of it. The tools found there are tools that I use for myself in my own business and the designs are always things that I would love to use for myself. If you love clean lines, a minimalistic feel and helpful templates then you might find yourself falling in love with my shop.

I am always launching new products and designs. If you want to make sure that you are first to know about news and happenings, be sure and subscribe here to be added to the email list. You can also follow The Shop on Instagram here.